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Your Momma Doesn’t Work Here!

No, your Momma doesn’t work here, but if she did I am sure that you would behave differently.
What is it about an adult that makes them behave or have an attitude towards safety that would upset them if their kids did the same thing?  Engaged in risky behavior by such as not wearing a face shield, seat belt, not testing a circuit for energy, or failing to use fall prevention.  If our kids or a family member did the same thing, we would act aggressively to ensure that they followed safety rules and procedures, wouldn’t we?
Every day, we make a choice about safety.   It’s really quite simple – we either choose to behave safe or not.  When an injury occurs in the workplace we say, “Oh how sad.”  Yep, it’s sad alright!  Rarely a week goes by when I don’t talk to a safety professional, or operations manager who tells me about a fatality.  Every year thousands of workers are killed in on-the-job accidents that were preventable.  Recently, a client called me to tell me about an electrical contact fatality.  We discussed how sad it was because this shouldn’t have happened.  This individual died with a pair of high-voltage gloves hanging on his belt!  How sad!  How sad for his family, his friends, and co-workers.
If your Momma worked with you, she would make sure you did the right thing or else.  The problem is your Momma isn’t here to watch out for you.  It’s time to get some character!  Character is what you do when nobody is watching (especially Momma).  It means that since so many people have been saved by wearing their seatbelts while operating equipment, then you should choose to do it.  Even when your boss or safety inspector is not at the job site you are doing the job safely, without shortcuts.  When someone tells you to get the job done, “As soon as possible,” you don’t interpret it as, “Take shortcuts to get done quicker.”
Being a safe, mature adult means using safety equipment and following the safety rules and safe work procedures when nobody is looking.  You choose safe behavior and a safe attitude, so you can go home every day to your family and friends without injury.
Be Safe!
Carl Potter
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