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They Don’t Care How Much You Know Until….

From Carl Potter,

I would like to introduce my friend and an Associate at the Safety Institute, Bruce Bolger. From this blog you will notice that Bruce is not only knowledgeable but experienced in creating workplaces where it is difficult to get hurt. We are constantly looking for people with safety wisdom that can be shared with readers. Improving a safety culture comes from many directions and Bruce is a noted expert in Emotional Intelligence and applying it to safety in the workplace. If you are interested in having him come to your organization email: or contact him direct at: Now let’s see what Bruce has to say…

They Don’t Care How Much You Know Until….

They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

– Teddy Roosevelt

As a safety professional I’ve learned over the years that to be successful at culture change and really connect with employees you have to make safety personal. You need to invest the time to know employees as individuals and understand what makes them “tick”. So if the time does come to pull them aside to discuss an “at risk” action you are doing so out of concern for their health and well-being, not because of a regulation, policy or rule.

I’ve always been interested in history so I recently looked up a famous quote and was pleasantly surprised to find the author being someone I’ve always admired as a very strong, empathic leader. It’s nice to put a face with a powerful quote that speaks volumes concerning our interactions as safety professionals when dealing with those we are trying to influence in a positive way.

About Bruce Bolger

Bruce Bolger is an independent safety professional and a Safety Institute Associate. You can learn more about Bruce and his work at or email him at

You can learn more about the Safety Institute at


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