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The Most Successful Technique for Leaders in the Prevention Injuries

We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action ~ Dr. Henry Link

In many of my articles I encourage those who have a formal office setting to get up, and get out of to walk job sites and talk to the people doing the work.  The amount of value perceived by the rank and file with seeing a supervisor, manager, or executive out of their comfortable nest is unbelievable.  Conversely, the value found by the one who schedules time to get out of the nest is where conquest for safety is achieved.

What are you afraid of?

I am thinking of a manager I coached many years ago who told me that “field people scare me!”  As I laughed out loud it became obvious that the manager was not delivering a line to lighten the conversation.  He really was scared of the field people and I was astonished.

How has someone been promoted this far up the chain of leadership without practicing one-on-one leadership?

It is not just putting on the necessary PPE and clothing of the worker that gets attention of field personnel that leads to success.  A leader who truly wants to know more about the work that moves the company forward and finding ways to improve the ability of those on the frontline to be prevent injuries is always successful.

When was the last time you took a walk on the jobsite to learn?

Most leadership experts teach and coach the art of going out and engaging the workforce on their turf. Without a doubt this is still the single most powerful activity a leader can do to be successful, but while attending a conference, workshop, or seminar on leadership is a good idea failing to implement the lessons learned is a waste of company resources.

When will you begin?

Today is the day for you to start.  Clear your calendar of something that would be cleared if you had a family emergency and get out there and learn.  Remember the goal is that nobody gets hurt and that happens when we create workplaces where it is difficult to get hurt.

Be Safe!

Carl Potter

If you need some tips and techniques that will help you conquer safety in your organization order my book, Conquest for Safety: Leadership Requiredat –  Amazon

If you would like to have a discussion about your leadership challenges call me at 800.259.6209 or email me at carl@safetyinstitute.comto schedule a visit or virtual meeting.

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