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The April Safety Fool


Fools lack all sense even when they walk down the street;

A safety fool is someone who considers themselves safe, but continually is found taking short cuts and experiencing multiple injuries.  Working safely takes effort.  Industrial safety has continually evolved through efforts of developing rules, regulations, procedures, and techniques that mitigate worksite risks.  The greatest effort has been first to prevent fatalities, secondly maiming, then near misses, and eventually cuts, scrapes, and bruises.  All that effort can be wasted when someone decides to short cut safety.

Fools lack all sense even when they walk down the street;

they show everyone that they are fools.        King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 10:3

The amount of individual effort put out to create a safe workplace is a choice we all make.  Mentally we have to choose to behave safe.  The issue may be that our minds cannot believe that we will show up for work and die, be crippled, or even have a minor injury.  But if we take a moment to think about what can happen to us, our judgment can improve.

The motivation to improve your personal safety culture is in hands.  Nobody can make you behave safe, only influence you to make the right choices.  The mental game of safety begins when we recognize what can hurt us (hazards).  Motivation for taking steps to mitigate the risk can be found when we evaluate the hazard and recognize what injuries the hazard can cause (evaluation). Taking action to mitigate the risk (control) becomes a personal choice.

Today, commit to NOT being a safety fool.  If you, your co-workers, or the employees who report to you work in a high-risk environment, stop and discuss the hazards that make up your worksite and what the results can be for not controlling them.

Remember, there is no fool, like a safety fool.


Two tools to help you improve your worksite’s safety culture:

–       Find out how to book my Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop at your site.  Email me at:

–       Purchase copies of my new book: Safety Attitudes for each employee, have them read it, then have a group discussion for each chapter.


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