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The journey to zero injuries is not one that can be done in chaos, there must be a synchronization of activities that will lead to the destination.  If leadership is saying one thing and doing something else the destination will not be reached.  In the same way, if the workforce does not embrace, use, and participate in the safety process the destination will not be reached.  It is imperative that the entire organization works toward the goal together in synch.

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

~  Ursula K. LeGuin

Along the way to the destination of zero injuries in the workplace, those who engage in the process will be changed for the good.

A good friend of mine has made the 500 mile hike known as the Camino de Santiago in Spain twice.  In fact, I have in mind to make the hike in a few years if possible.  One thing he learned along this journey is the value of shared goals.  He expressed to me that each person on the trail is not racing to the destination, but taking each step and encouraging each other to continue.  The journey to zero is similar.

When you think, “Is this really worth it to focus so much energy on zero injuries?”  Think about the one person who is saved from the pain and agony of an injury, or the family who does not have to morn the loss of a loved one.  How much is that worth?

This past week I was speaking to two different companies in two different industries.  It was impressive to see how the leadership at the top of both companies is leading their workforce on the journey to zero.  They are not leaving zero injuries to luck by just wandering around with no specific direction.  They are systematically conducting their business in a way that can only lead to zero injuries.  Some of the people involved will not realize how they have changed for the good until they recognize that because they decided to go on the journey they are learning life skills that will help them in other areas of life.

If you are an executive or a member of the rank in file workforce in an organization that says they want to journey to zero, offer to join in the trip.  No matter what your background or education is, engaging in the activities that lead to zero injuries will synchronize the organization to reach the destination.  The more people in an organization encouraging each other, the more likely you will arrive at the destination.  Remember the goal is to create a safety culture where nobody gets hurt.

by Carl Potter, CSP


Carl Potter is here to help your organization to reach zero injuries.  He has developed his Safety and the Supervisor Seminar, Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop, and his Facilitated Safety Discussions to help your organization get synchronized for safety.  Schedule a call with Carl to learn how you can work together by emailing him at:

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