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Surviving Hazards

Having the skills necessary to work for years without an injury is rare.  Most workers have had at least one injury that they would like to have avoided even if it wasn’t bad enough to make the OSHA report.  Many will say, “Oh I was lucky and never got hurt,” while few can say it was because they prepared not to get hurt.

Life is full of hazards that we have to survive.  Hazards in the workplace however are supposed to be recognized, evaluated, and controlled.  In the workplace hazards maybe a result of the process of the business.  Most businesses are making something that requires the machinery, chemicals, and energy to complete the process.  Mix people into the process and you have personal injuries, unless you are lucky.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. – Seneca

As our company travels the United States conducting Hazard Recognition and Control Workshops we are amazed at the number of people who come to us and say, “I wished I’d had your training years ago.”  Surviving hazards in the workplace or at home requires preparation.  The better prepared we are the luckier we become.

One guy described to me that he was lucky to have his fall protection on one day at work or he would have been killed.  Another person said they were luck they had their flame retardant (FR) clothing on when a fire flared up on his job.  They were not lucky.  They had mitigated the risk of injury through controls.

How lucky do you feel when it comes to surviving hazards in your workplace?

Hazard recognition and control is the cornerstone of any safety process or program.  When everyone takes responsibility for mitigating the risk hazards present, the workplace becomes a safer place to work.  Keep in mind the goal of hazard recognition and control is, Nobody Gets Hurt.


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