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Stupid is as Stupid Does

Last week during my travels I observed these workers on ladders at my hotel.  As I approached he and his buddy I said, “Sure hope you don’t fall, that could lead to a serious injury.”  All he could do was agree with me, and all I could do was take a picture.  The problem is that this is a “Mom and Pop” operation where the safety culture is poor.  We might not like to hear it but a company that must meet OSHA regulations could not get away with this for very long.  In this case, the worker has to look out for themselves.

Safety rules seem to become important when there is an organization such as OSHA that can write a ticket.  Hence, we obey the speed limit when we know that the police are around, follow the company safety rules when being watched, etc.  When people understand that getting hurt and not being able to work is a worse consequence than being ticketed, behavior changes and their safety culture improves.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your safety culture at home?
  • Do you follow the safety rules even though you can’t “get in trouble” by your safety department?
  • If you see a family member or neighbor doing something that can get them hurt, do say something?
  • When was the last time you walked through your garage, or house and conducted a hazard assessment?
  • Does this sound stupid?

Remember, stupid is as stupid does.

Your personal culture will have an affect on the people around you.  If you are behaving safe, your family will follow suit.  Consider this; if you fail to act safe and one of your kids does the same and is hurt, how would you feel?

Bear in mind that hospital emergency rooms are full of people who put themselves at risk because they didn’t think anything would happen.  Your safe behavior is important to the people around you at at work, home, and play.

Be Safe!

Carl Potter


4 Responses to Stupid is as Stupid Does

  • James odell says:

    Good piece Carl. We are the ones in our called profession that have a direct impact – subtle as it may seem – on those around us.
    The neighbor thing; I remember a guy who used to live up the road from us who scoffed at me wearing long sleeves and pants, goggles and hearing protection when operating a weed whacker. Later that same summer he weed-eated right into a fire ant mound. They got onto his sandal and short wearing feet and legs and as they say in the south, ‘tore him up’. In his jumping and trying to brush them off with the hand not on the trigger (you can see where this is going), he turned the running weed whacker into a bush and some of the debris flew all over his face and into one eye.
    His sight was okay after a good flushing and he did indeed have his legs torn up by those ants. He came to understand PPE much better after that episode.
    Be the light where ever we are; it is what we are called to do.

  • admin says:

    Thanks James… great Feedback.

  • Randy Nichols says:

    I am maint manager for uhaul in Ar. I am very interested In the 52 weeks of safety. would really like to know more about it before I purchase ,is there anything I can see ahead of purchase. Thank you

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