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Spring Into Safety and Go Somewhere

Spring has sprung and it is obvious by the weather.  As I travel the United States this past week I have seen fair weather, stormy weather, and the week before I sat on the plane in Chicago and watched it snow.  Spring is a great time of the year but the weather can be unstable.

As you make plans to travel by car, bicycle, or boat keep weather safety in mind.  This weekend it might be easy to be lulled onto the lake to run your boat.  Make sure you check the weather and by all means check your safety equipment such as: Life Jackets, Life Ring, Flares, Marine Radio, and let someone know when you should be back in case your engine quits.  Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen.  Going out on your bike?

Be sure and wear a helmet, take some water, and check the weather.  Bicycling is a great sport and way to enjoy your time, but it is a hazardous activity that can land you in the hospital if you don’t take precautions.  Take a route that is “Biker Friendly.”  Many cities have trails the will keep you off of the roadways so that you limit exposure to vehicle traffic.

If your spring travels are by car then be aware of the bicycles and motorcycles as you enjoy the scenery.  I know you don’t want to hit someone on a two-wheeler.  Take the responsibility to watch them even if they don’t seem to be taking precautions.  What about me?

Well I will be flying this spring taking cancer patients through Angel Flight Oklahomaand flying when I can to my speaking engagements.  I will be pref-flighting, checking weather and avoiding those nasty spring thunderstorms.  But, no matter what kind of transportation you choose this spring, be careful and make sure you choose to do it safely

Have a safe spring,

Carl Potter, CSP


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