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See the Risk and Be Safe

It is my experience that when people see something that can hurt them they tend to avoid that something. I know you’re thinking, “The is very profound, Carl!” (yeah, right). Well anyway, when conducting a Hazard Recognition and Control (HRC) Workshop I use pictures to drive discussion, causing people to recognize the rules they have to follow but fail to see the risk. When an event occurs and someone is injured they usually say, “If I had seen it… or If I thought I was going to get hurt…” True! Most people aren’t going to purposefully run headlong into danger. So maybe the real culprit is a general lack of awareness.

One of my favorite parts of conducting HRC training is the initial walk-through. During this time I am usually paired with the local safety professional or a supervisor and walking through the workplace with my camera to get specific hazards so I can customize the workshop. They will ask, “What are you looking for?” My answer is, “Hazards or any risky condition.” What happens next is really funny and confirms the old saying, “You see what you’re looking for.”

The person I am walking-through with is usually pointing out unsafe conditions and apologizing. What’s funnier, in a pathetic sort of way, is that when we do find something and it can be corrected on the spot, they will point it out and then walk off. When this happens I see it as a coaching opportunity and help them take action. Later they will thank me and comment that they don’t know why they just walked off without mitigation of the hazard. In more than 25 years I can tell you that my Hazard Recognition Workshop is not only the most fun I have but is one of the best tools my clients use to create workplaces where it is difficult to get hurt.

If your organization is looking for safety training from a third party that your employees and leaders will learn from and enjoy, and will lead to a decrease in injuries, let’s talk. When I deliver this workshop the first time as a pilot, it comes with a money-back guarantee. Email me today to schedule a discussion about bringing this workshop to your organization. You will be glad you did.

Carl Potter,CSP

PS: This workshop is available as train the trainer for qualified internal trainers.

One Response to See the Risk and Be Safe

  • I like you idea presented in the HRC. I learned from an early age to watch for hazards in life, as I was often given open reigh from my parents to roam about the neighborhood where I grew up. it was in simpler times and parents were less worried about allowing their children freedom. I learned to be aware of traffic, dangers that existed at the lake near my house and even older kids that might desire to use me as a punching bag. all in all it helped me gain an awareness to anticipate and avoid hazards.

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