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Ladder Hazards

Approximately 90,000 people are injured every year using ladders.  Ladders are designed to meet a wide variety of jobs and users must be aware of the proper usage.  When at work or home, everyone must take the responsibility of choosing the correct ladder and using the ladder within its design limits.  Consider the reach and environment when selecting a ladder.

Fiberglass extension and step ladders can be safely used in industry and homes.  Wooden ladders can become loose and rickety creating a falling hazard.  Aluminum ladders are light and strong but are not to be used when working near electrical energy equal to or greater than 50 volts.  Ladders manufactured on construction sites using 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 wood can be strong and effective.  With this type of ladder the user must beware of unknown structural hazards.

Consider the jobs that are routinely performed using ladders.  Carefully inspect each ladder and make sure that each ladder meets the design specs.  Be sure to use ladders as they are designed and you will get to go home every day without injury.

By Carl Potter, CSP, CMC


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