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Hazard Bulletin: Snakes in the Workplace

This past week during one of my Hazard Recognition and Control Workshops  a participant shared this picture with me.  If you have attended my workshop or heard me speak on the importance of hazard recognition and control it is likely you have experienced my Rattle Snake bit.  Well this participant said that the day he snapped this picture of the water snake on the rail in this plant he also found two rattlers on the premises!

As we discuss in my workshop, hazards come in many forms. Beware of the creeping hazards in your workplace.

Be Safe!










Hazard Bulletin: Inspection Gone Wrong

This was sent to me and I think it is a good example to share with others.  Take a good look at the pictures and see for yourself why you must ALWAYS inspect the equipment.  To learn more about my hazard recognition workshop, CLICK HERE

Be Safe!

Carl Potter







2 Responses to Safety Topics Hazard Bulletin

  • Bobby martinez says:

    When it comes to my safety, I do not take anyone’s word over an actual inspection. Why do you think that pilots walk around their plane before they take it off the ground? Visual inspections are critical, especially when “joe” (someone I don’t know) signs off on something that I am responsible for. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

  • James odell says:

    These are some of the best pictorial examples of why you should never rely on the words/eyes of another before using equipment.

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