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Safety Topic Video for Your Next Meeting

Few are the injured who are willing to share their story so that others can learn what not to do.  In this safety topic on eye protection, Kent Olson shares his experience with me on video and consented to it being posted on youtube and here at Safety Topics so that everyone can learn.

Please take the time to review this video and discuss the hazard of not using personal protective equipment at home, as you would be required at work.  Kent’s choice has had a negative impact on him and his family.  He hopes that you will learn and make the choice to be safe.

4 Responses to Safety Topic Video for Your Next Meeting

  • VINODH says:

    Thank you Kent for sharing this information. always adhere safety while at work.

  • Thank you for sharing this very important point. A lot of companies don’t spend the time to stress safety at home. this is a prime example of how a bad decision at home can impact the workplace. The company still has indirect costs, even if the bad decision was made at home.

    • Lenward McMillan says:

      I would love to view the video but my company has youtube blocked.

      Can you send it to me from a different source?

  • waheed lawal says:

    thanks for sharing this video….really learn a great lesson……..thanks

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