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Safety Stand Down for the a Hazardous Weekend is Coming Up

Memorial Day weekend is a time to stop and recognize those who have given their lives for the freedom we enjoy here in the United States of America.  But during this weekend many people will also remember family members who died needlessly from accidents on the highway, lakes, or at home during previous Memorial Day Weekends.

I believe that when people don’t recognize hazards that can hurt them, they fail to protect themselves using controls that can mitigate the risk those hazards pose.  Let’s change that for the 2014 Memorial Day Weekend.

Stop and have a Safety Stand Down to Increase Awareness

If you are getting this message at your company, consider stopping and having a Memorial Day Weekend Safety Stand Down on Thursday afternoon.  If you do have one, send me a picture to post so we can see your safety commitment.

Here are some discussion points for your Safety Stand Down to get your started

Activities this Memorial Day Weekend can present hazards that can lead to death or injury.  During your Stand Down share these and ask participants what others may exist.  (If you can break people in groups and hand them color markers and flip chart paper to collect ideas, this gets them engaged)

Risky activities may include:

  • Boating
  • Swimming (lake, pool, wading pool for small children)
  • Hiking
  • Running (marathon, fun runs)
  • Biking
  • Motorcycling (cruising)
  • Driving (to your fun destination before and after)
  • Sun bathing
  • Others,

Hazards may include (moving down the list)

  • Boating: Other boats, deep water, gasoline or electrical fires, shallow water from diving or jumping from the boat, others
  • Swimming: Deep water, shallow water, sunlight, others
  • Hiking: Narrow trails, weather, step trails, obstacles, other
  • Running: Traffic, slick surfaces, obstacles, other runners falling in front of you, sunlight, others
  • Biking: Traffic, slick surfaces, other bikes around you, others
  • Motorcycling: Traffic, slick surfaces, curves, cars, pedestrians, bicyclers, other motorcycles around you, others
  • Driving: Traffic, slick surfaces, curves, other cars, pedestrians, bicyclers, motorcycles, texting, others
  • Sun bathing: sunlight, thieves, muggers, other

What can we do to mitigate the risks?

  • Boating and swimming: Life Jackets, etc.
  • Driving Seatbelts, etc.
  • Hiking and running: Good shoes, etc.
  • I’ll let you and your Stand Down participants decide add to the list and finish the discussion.

During your Memorial Day Weekend Safety Stand Down I hope you will begin by taking 1 minute of silence to remember the folks that gave it all for our great nation.  We all have our opinions about the government officials, but for me and my family we thank God for allowing us to live in this great nation with all of its faults.  Keep in mind that without the sacrifices made by past warriors I could not even send this email to you.

I look forward to seeing some pictures of your groups.

God Bless America and have a safe, fun filled Memorial Day Weekend.

Carl Potter

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