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Safety Observation from the Northwest

Safety observation. Good catch in the public arena here. While in Albany, Oregon this weekend, running errands, I was on my way home, heading west on Santiam Boulevard and saw this extraordinary event. The motorist had actually stopped on the tracks after the crossing guard had come down. I scrambled to grab my phone to snap the photo, not thinking that video may have been more powerful to share. Rather than proceed though the crossing while no train was present, the motorist waited almost too long and backed up as the train approached, whistle blowing. There was just enough room between the small car and the crossing guard for the driver to avoid being struck by the train. I am grateful to not have had witnessed a severe traffic accident here, given the opportunity for the cards to fall another way.

Message: Respect guards and barricades and make good decisions when exposed to dangerous situations. These folks actually had an opportunity to avoid the line of fire but chose to stay in it, risking life, property and the public at large.

Thanks to Safety Professional Kevin Dugan for this observation.  Share this with all who might be interested.

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