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Safety for kids is important.  Literally thousands of kids are injured, maimed, or killed in the world from hazards found in the home.  Providing safety for kids in a fun learning environment if you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or baby sitter could pay-off big.  The problem is we really don’t want to think that anything could happen to our kids or grand kids.  In this collection of home safety illustrations of Stan the Safety Man, safety for kids can be improved.  Select one of the illustrations with Stan, print it, grab some colors and talk to your kid about the hazard while staying inside the lines.  Sitting down and sharing common household hazards improve safety for kids.

The hazards presented by Stan the Safety Man in safety for kid’s topics are:

(Click on each topic to select a free printable page)

1. Downed Power Lines in the Neighborhood

2. Broken Electric Cords

3. Damaged Light Bulbs

4. Kites in Power Line

5. Electrical Outlet

6. Call 911

7. Electrical Devices around the Bathtub

8. You’re in 1st place with a Safe Attitude

Download the pdf version of all pages for printing for $7.95 by CLICKING HERE


Legal Note:

(Stan the Safety Man images are copy written by Potter and Associates International, Inc. and are offered on this page for personal use by readers of  If your company would like to use these or any images of Stan the Safety Man for commercial use, please contact Carl Potter at: 800-259-6209 to avoid legal conflict)


Where did Stan the Safety Man come from?

Carl Potter is a Certified Safety Professional who works with organizations that want to put safety first on the minds of their employees, so that everyone can go home every day without injury.  While Carl’s presentations are directed to corporate occupational safety, he understands the need to teach safety for kids.  Carl believes that it is never too early to create a successful safety culture.

Several years ago Carl commissioned a young artist to create this character for him.  Together with Stan the Safety Man, Carl provides these educational illustrations to improve safety for kids by sharing the most common house hold hazards.  As a father of two grown children, a grandfather and great uncle he understands the desire to keep children safe.  Stan the Safety Man will help you to discuss home safety with the kids in your life.

So turn the TV off, get the colors out and take some time to talk to kids about these hazards.  Hopefully you have your own set of illustrations to color so you can have fun too.