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Safety First: Time to Get Back to the Business of Safety

I hope you had a great holiday weekend, but now it’s back to the business of safety.  Sometimes after a long restful weekend we might find ourselves a bit distracted and safety awareness is low.  Conversely, we might find ourselves getting ready to do a job with equipment that has been sitting since last Friday.  While conducting our equipment inspection it might be easy to miss something if we don’t use our safety-briefing outline, checklist or whatever to ensure that everything is in safe working condition.  To increase our safety awareness today, let’s take the time to reset the safety value to 110%.

If you have attended one of my workshops, seminars, keynotes, or are a reader of my safety topics blog you know that I am a pilot.  This morning I am headed out on a short three plus hour round trip to pick-up a cancer patient for Angel Flight and bring them to Tulsa for treatment before I leave to deliver another workshop.  To ensure that I am going to make it to my destination without injury, I will begin the flight with a thorough preflight.  Doing this will mitigate the risk of something going wrong and having to deal with it in the air.  As I teach, I try to do.

As I teach my students in industrial safety and flying, “Safety is mitigation of risk through hazard recognition, evaluation, and control.” 

If I come out and jump in my plane to pick up the cancer patient without a preflight the result is not just one incident, but many that could ultimately stop my engine and ruin my day.  I have to check the fuel for contamination and amount, oil for amount, flight controls for proper condition, and additionally, I will check the weather conditions, airport and enroute NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) to recognize any hazards along the way.  Once I know the hazards and evaluate the risk, I can input the controls that mitigate the risk.  You can do the same today.

Take the time to increase your safety awareness today and mitigate the risk on your job.  Remember that the reality is; we live in a world of hazards that increase our risk of injury.  Cover the safety topics that make sense to your work group.

Practice safety excellence by keeping the goal, Nobody Gets Hurt n mind while you plan your week and your day.


Be Safe!

Carl Potter


If you want to learn more about my Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop email me at for a date to schedule one at your location.

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