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Safety Environment: Where Do You Fit in the Plan?

When it comes to accomplishing anything in life the people involved must realize that action is a requirement.  You can sit around in meetings and plan, discuss, and draw diagrams on the whiteboard until you are out of ideas, breath, and ink.  At some point you have to get up and move towards the goal through activity.

Question: How much of creating workplaces where it is difficult to get hurt is activity based?

Answer: All of it!

Every plan laid is a plan that must be executed to be effective for the intended outcome.  During safety committee meetings I have observed, much of the discussion has been around the question, “What should we do?”  Then the discussion sometimes turns toward who should do the “what” and that’s when the wheels tend to fall off.

Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them. ~ Anonymous

Type-A personalities who are attempting to allow others to get involved may become impatient and say, “Oh, what the heck I’ll do it!”  Others will sigh in relief that they are not the ones taking on more responsibility, while others are thinking, “There they go again!”  Keep in mind that the goal of creating a safe workplace is better done when everyone is involved.  Where do you fit in the plan?

Organizations need people at all levels who are willing to conduct inspections of the work environment.  Ask around to see if there is someone who typically conducts a walk-through and ask them if you can accompany them to see what they are looking for.  Ask the person to whom you directly report (supervisor, manager, or director) where they see an opportunity to get involved.  Most successful organizations that I work with have a formal action plan that is begging for someone to take up a task and do it.

Safety committees should be made up of cross- functional roles so that everyone is represented.  See if you can get a seat in the next meeting even if it is to watch and learn what is going on.  Last but not lease, just make something safer each time you are performing a job.  You are an adult and can engage in responsible adult activity as well as the next person.

Creating a workplace where it is difficult to get hurt is a worthy cause where you can use your knowledge and experience.  If you have any other questions about getting involved send me an email at: so we can get you started.  Now go out and make it a safe day!

Carl Potter, CSP


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