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Safety Attitudes: New book by Carl Potter,CSP


Safety Attitudes:

Improving your workplace’s safety culture begins with you

by Carl Potter, CSP

What is a safety attitude?  More importantly, what is your personal safety attitude?
A positive safety attitude is key to improving a company’s safety culture, therefore the most important safety attitude is yours.  Companies across the globe spend thousands of dollars each year to try and improve the company safety culture.  It is seldom understood that each employee’s attitude toward safety is what makes up the safety culture.

You have the ability to help your company improve the safety culture where you work by improving your safety attitude.  The choice is yours.

After you have read this book and had a chance to consider the information, I hope you challenge yourself to continually improve your personal safety attitude, so that you and your co-workers can go home every day without injury.

Safety Attitudes

Published by Right-Attitude Publishing

© Copyright 2014 Potter and Associates International, Inc.


ISBN 0-9774259-6-7


A Safety Training Tool

Safety Attitudes is designed to be read by the employees of any employer that wishing to improve its safety culture.

The book is a 52 page safety training tool with 7 chapters and designed as an easy read safety tool to challenge the safety attitude of each individual in the organization.

The following is taken from the introduction by the author:

Many think of a safety culture as the Safety Management Process (SMP) or administrative piece of safety in the workplace.  The condition of your SMP is vital to sustainability, but there is something more powerful that even the best SMP cannot overcome, the poor safety attitudes of the individuals that make up the organization’s safety culture.

In more than 20 years of consulting to industry with the goal of preventing every workplace injury, I have found that an organization’s safety culture is the sum of its parts.  In other words, if you take each person that makes up the organization and could measure the commitment to injury prevention of each, you could quantify the culture.

Order a copy for every person in your organization and make it a part of your safety training curriculum for the coming 12 months.


About the author:

Carl Potter is a board certified safety professional, certified management consultant, and certified speaking professional who works with organizations that want to put safety first on the minds of their employees, so that everyone can go home every day without injury.

Carl is also a certified flight instructor and his hobby is flying airplanes and teaching others to fly safe.  Studying, teaching, and practicing aviation safety helps Carl bring a fresh perspective to industrial safety.  Readers of his blogs, articles, and books continue to seek him out for advice as a consultant, speaker, and trainer.

You can learn more about Carl’s work at:, and also visit his safety blog site: and join thousands of other who use his weekly insights into creating a safer workplace.


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