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Safety Alert: E-Cigarettes Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Just today a report that an e-cigarette exploded while being recharged, proof that smoking is hazardous.  Recently, I was conducting a Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop when one of the students “lit-up.”  At first I was shocked to see smoke coming from a cigarette, that hasn’t happened in many years.  Although I remember sitting through training while other participants puffed away.

If you are using the e-cigarette to satisfy your nicotine need, please be careful when recharging.  It was reported that the e-cigarette was plugged into a computer for charging.

If your company allows people to recharge their cigs at work, you might want to consider charging them in a protected area to prevent fires.  It may not be a big deal, but we should consider all hazards in the workplace.

I want to also remind you to consider an open enrollment class of the Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop.  For information email and request a quote.  Thank you for your continued support of safety topics.

Be Safe!


2 Responses to Safety Alert: E-Cigarettes Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

  • Maria Banuelos Connell says:

    Hi Carl:

    I’m amused at the e-cig warning! my amusement is generated by this warning v. the iphone sizzle up that happens far more frequently than an e-cig explosion.

    I’m aware of several iphones that have sparked, and charging cords that have fried while charging, but haven’t seen or heard any warnings about it.

    Thanks! Maria

    • admin says:

      Good point Maria! You are right on target. We should all be aware of the hazard of rechargeable batteries in all devices. I’m glad you are amused, hope that’s a good thing and not bad.
      THanks again,

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