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Risk Management

Workplace safety is about risk management.  In my experience the companies who understand risk management educate their employees, supervisors, management and executives in mitigation of risk through hazard recognition and control.  In my presentations I like to say that, “If you see something that you know or believe can cause you injury, you will avoid it.”  Risk management is the action taken to mitigate the risk to a level that insures nobody gets hurt.  The issue is that people don’t think they will get hurt, so they don’t avoid the hazard.

Just today a friend sent me a video that I would like to post, but for reasons of civility I will refrain.  In the video four individuals are pushing a mobile scaffolding through a work area when it comes into contact with an electrically energized conductor.  The results are so disturbing I will not post it on this site.  But I will place it where you can download it through a link at the bottom of the page.

In planning a job that results in no injury we must practice risk management.  Job briefings, tailgate discussion, job hazard analysis, or whatever your company calls the point at which someone leads a group of people to discuss the hazards, what can happen, and how to keep it from happening is crucial to risk management.  Risk is something we live with or die from, the trick in risk management is to mitigate the risk.

These four workers were obviously fatally injured because they failed to see the hazard.  Had they seen the hazard, they would have protected themselves at all cost.  Training helps in recognition but it also requires leadership and co-workers to hold everyone accountable for hazard recognition and control on the job site.  We can prevent every workplace injury, but it takes awareness so that people avoid the hazard.

Please, consider educating your employees in risk management by scheduling a Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop at your location.  Either myself or Stan Robbins will conduct a walk-through to customize your workshop.  If you would like to attend a general industry workshop email me to find out when dates are available.

Be Safe!

Carl Potter

I hope this week you will pause and consider the hazards in your work and take time to discuss them.  If you choose to use this video as a tool to get attention, PLEASE! WARN YOUR AUDIENCE!  IT IS A GRAPHIC VIDEO!

In using the following link to download this video, you are accepting responsibility for the contents and will not hold myself (Carl Potter) or my company (Potter and Associates International, Inc.) responsible for the content.

Link to video page download:

One Response to Risk Management

  • Rick harter says:

    you are right, it s graphic but needs to be shown so people can see what the consequences are if they don’t pay attention to the hazards in the area around where they are working

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