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Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity. – Edwin Land

Some of you have already seen this picture or one like it.  People do stupid stuff and most of the time they are well meaning.  In fact, most people are just trying to be creative and get the job done.  But what about the person who is simply motivated to increase the risk of the job they are performing out of boredom?  Over my 2o plus years of consulting, speaking, and conducting workshops and seminars I have never met anyone that I thought would really do something like this, but recently I did meet him.

During one of my Hazard Recognition and Control Workshops a worker said, “Sometimes I just increase the risk to make the job more interesting.  It is the best way to experience life”  Really?  The other people in the workshop seemed to be stunned!  After spending a few moments attempting to get his attention and make sure I heard him right, he confirmed his statement.

The problem with someone like this is they really think they can behave anyway they want on the job, and for them compliance with safe work practices is a choice not a requirement of the job.  My suggestion to this guy was that he go ahead a resign from the company before he was terminated, and look for a company that he felt would allow him to “experience life through risky behavior on the job.”  I cautioned him that when he interviews with other companies don’t be surprised of their reaction when he tells them of his way to add interest to the job site.

I know these people are few and far between, but we really have to ask our workforce questions to get to the root of their thinking and feeling.  This week share this with your team and see if any of them think this guy had a good point.  If any of them agree with him… Really?

Have a safe week,

Carl Potter

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