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Predictable Professional Performance in Safety (and video)

Every organization’s safety goal is to create a workplace where Nobody Gets Hurt.  To accomplish this goal the organization’s safety culture must be developed so that everyone is challenged and inspired to provide Predictable Professional Performance in Safety.       -Carl Potter, CSP

The premise of this article and video is that if we set professional expectations for safe behavior, hold ourselves accountable for behaving like a professional, the result should be a safety culture of Predictable Professional Performance in Safety(TM).  If we are able to create that culture the result should be nobody gets hurt.
Workers involved in industries where workers are exposed to hazards that can maim and kill are highly trained professionals.  Many of these workers forget that they are expected to perform their jobs at a professional level so that they are not injured, damage equipment, property, or harm the public.  As a trained professional electrical worker for in the public utility industry for 17 years and an airplane pilot, I understand the level of commitment to safety required to be considered professional.
As a professional one should be committed to preventing their own injuries and co-worker injuries, engage in the activities of the organization’s safety effort, daily inspire themselves and co-workers to follow safety rules and procedures, while holding themselves and co-workers accountable for their responsibilities and role in preventing injuries every day.  With everyone in the organization committed to this level of professionalism one would expect to see an improvement in the safety culture.
I am also a pilot who trains others to fly.  When working with a student I strive for professionalism myself in hopes of passing it on to them.  I remember my instrument flying instructor who was also a Lear Jet pilot.  Even though he was training not training me in a Lear Jet to be a charter pilot, he always impressed on me the importance of the actions taken by those who want to be considered professional pilots.  That impression stuck with me and with now more than 1,000 hours and multiple ratings I can assure you that flying like a professional has save my life several times.
In my presentation Predictable Professional Performance in Safety(TM) I hope to encourage, challenge and inspire others to behave like a professionals.  All I can do is share some tips, techniques and thoughts with you, the decision is yours.  The payoff for professional behavior can be huge to you, your family, co-workers and organization.  It is my hope that once you have read this article you will send me an email at: and say, “Carl, I accept the challenge.”  If you do this, you will be able to look back on your career and say, “I helped create a workplace where everyone got to go home every day without injury.”
I look forward to reading your response,


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