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Practice Safe Behavior: Wear it!

This weekend many people will head for the lake and dust of their boats, jet ski, and other watercraft. One of the most important pieces of equipment is your life jacket or PFD ” Personal Flotation Device.” As your friend, safety professional, and member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary I want to encourage you to inspect and wear your PFD. Also, make sure that everyone in your boat has done the same. If you have a small baby I encourage you to not take them out on the boat. A baby is not able to wear a PFD. Make sure that any child in the boat has the proper size PFD and that it fits and will not slip off.

This weekend is Memorial Day and we salute those who gave their lives for our freedom in the United States. As the son of a Marine and a member of the Coast Guard I encourage you to take the time to stop for a moment and thank those who did give the ultimate sacrifice. But let’s make sure that we are not looking back 1-year from now at a tragedy of losing a friend or family member because we were irresponsible while boating.

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