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PPE Required: The Last Line of Defense (PPE: Safety Video)

Basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has changed over the years in an attempt to improve its effectiveness, comfort and aesthetics.   Hard hats, glasses, shoes and ear plugs have become the standard in many workplaces.  To wear or not wear the PPE–that is the decision.  Every day people are injured by cuts, scrapes, bruises and inclusions (foreign matter such as a splinter in the body).  There is a 99.9% chance that every injured person could have been protected by personal protective equipment (PPE).

PPE is the last line of defense in hazard control.  Interestingly, many workers resist wearing it for one reason or another.  Most of the time, the decision not to wear PPE falls into one of the following categories:

1) I look stupid wearing it,

2) it is not comfortable,

3) it is not easily accessible, or

4) it is not required by OSHA.

In my many years of consulting, I’ve found that no matter the reason given, it all points to a poor attitude about safety.

Many people resist any required change in behavior especially when they don’t understand the reason for the change.  When they are mandated to wear or use new PPE without a clear definition of why and how, workers may not comply.   The resistance is lessened significantly when personnel understand that if they don’t wear the PPE they might be maimed or killed.  In this case, they have internalized the risk of the hazard and have chosen to do what it takes to prevent the injury and create a workplace safety culture where Nobody Gets Hurt.


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