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Communicating Safety, Safely for Your Personal Success

If you consider the above quote, why would you want to focus on being successful at work?  In this day and time success in your current job may lead to a bigger and better opportunity.  Employers are looking for employees with a great attitude, willingness to learn, and good communication skills.  Moreover, they are seeking those who want to continually improve the workplace and increase the success of the business.  If you possess these traits employers figure they can teach you the technical part of the job.  The ability to work safe has also become important in a business environment where injuries cost a lot of money.  Your ability to help your company to be profitable can ensure your hire-ability and improve future prospects.

It is the biggest mistake in the world to think you are working for someone else. – Anonymous

To help you increase your hire-ability consider the following tips:

  • Don’t focus on the person but the issue or behavior
  • Protect the self-confidence and esteem of co-workers
  • Work at developing and maintaining positive relationships with everyone in your organization
  • Take responsibility for improving your own attitude and the attitudes of others.
  • Pay attention to continually improving quality, and safety in your workplace.

Your desire to work with others will drive your personal success and help you to be a safer person.  The best employees and leaders are those who attempt to put the team first and themselves last.  Imagine if everyone is trying to become a better person, focused on the success of others, and the team of people they work with.  That equates to success in all categories of business.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ~ Henry Ford

Communicating safety at work is made easier when everyone’s goal is to personally improve and improve the workplace. Keep in mind that a safer workplace means your chances of going home uninjured are increased.  Being challenged each day to make your workplace a better place can also improve your chances for advancement.  It is likely that your organization is continually looking for employees with great attitudes and great communication skills.  I hope you will accept the challenge of improving your ability to communicate safety, safely.

Thanks, and Be Safe!

Carl Potter, CSP



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