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Safety Topics was developed to provide safety meeting topics for organizations that are targeting zero injuries in their workplace. Safety awareness is a key factor in preventing injuries and Safety Topics is here to help. If you are a supervisor, manager or safety specialist in your company, finding safety topics to present to your workforce can be a time consuming task, save time by using safety topics written by Carl Potter.

If you sign up by providing your email you will receive safety topics on a regular basis to use in your workplace. The writer of safety topics is Carl Potter and has been providing safety topics since 1992 for his readers. His safety topics come from the safety consulting he provides to his clients and is up to date.

Safety topics welcomes you to print, share, and forward any of the pages you find useful. Thank you for your interest and look forward to your feedback and ideas for future safety topics.

Practice Safe Behavior: Wear it!

This weekend many people will head for the lake and dust of their boats, jet ski, and other watercraft. One of the most important pieces of equipment is your life jacket or PFD ” Personal Flotation Device.” As your friend,… Continue reading

As a Safety Leader, are You Seen as a Hypocrite?

If you are around people, you are being watched.  Everyone watches everyone else to see if they are better or worse than the other person.  Judgments are being made in silence, with words, and in actions.  Some just walk away… Continue reading

Setting Zero Expectations

There’s No Going Back
Setting the bar high for safety performance is a noble cause. We all like to talk about the seemingly elusive target of “zero injuries.” People generally line up in one of two sides of this goal.… Continue reading

Is Your Workplace Hiding a Bomb?

Agents have narrowed down the possible source of the explosion in West, TX where 14 were killed and hundreds injured. It seems that a building where fertilizer was stored became the center of the explosion, however the fuse to the… Continue reading

Man Falls into Meat Grinder and Dies

Should anyone fall into an operating meat grinder?  No!  We have developed standards over the years to keep workers from falling into grinders, mixers, and other hazardous equipment.  But many companies don’t take the time to really follow the standards… Continue reading

The Power of Accountability

Accountability is a big word that scares many people.  It scares those who fear the act of being held accountable but are quick to hold those around them accountable.  To be successful in any endeavor, we should understand the power… Continue reading

Spring Into Safety and Go Somewhere

Spring has sprung and it is obvious by the weather.  As I travel the United States this past week I have seen fair weather, stormy weather, and the week before I sat on the plane in Chicago and watched it… Continue reading

Office Safety: My Office IS safe! How to do a safety audit in your office

When you hear (or read) the word “audit”, what comes to your mind?  This word normally evokes fear and the thought of an IRS agent showing up at your door.  In reality an audit is a systematic checkup to ensure… Continue reading

Your Momma Doesn’t Work Here!

No, your Momma doesn’t work here, but if she did I am sure that you would behave differently.
What is it about an adult that makes them behave or have an attitude towards safety that would upset them if their… Continue reading

I Quit! You can’t prevent injuries!

Since 1992, I have worked as an independent safety consultant, motivational safety speaker, seminar and workshop leader, author, and anything else I could do to help my clients prevent injuries in their workplaces, but I quit!  It is not possible… Continue reading