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Safety Topics was developed to provide safety meeting topics for organizations that are targeting zero injuries in their workplace. Safety awareness is a key factor in preventing injuries and Safety Topics is here to help. If you are a supervisor, manager or safety specialist in your company, finding safety topics to present to your workforce can be a time consuming task, save time by using safety topics written by Carl Potter.

If you sign up by providing your email you will receive safety topics on a regular basis to use in your workplace. The writer of safety topics is Carl Potter and has been providing safety topics since 1992 for his readers. His safety topics come from the safety consulting he provides to his clients and is up to date.

Safety topics welcomes you to print, share, and forward any of the pages you find useful. Thank you for your interest and look forward to your feedback and ideas for future safety topics.

Trained, But Not Safe

FALLS ARE THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN CONSTRUCTION In 2010, there were 264 fall fatalities (255 falls to lower level) out of 774 total fatalities in construction. These deaths are preventable. – OSHA
Consider this story… Bobby was excited… Continue reading

Failure to Recognize Hazards Leads to Death and $192,00.00 OSHA Fine

The ability of everyone in your organization to recognize hazards a and control them is vital to safety success.

- Carl Potter

This month we see a company who placed a 21 year old temp employee in a hazardous workplace… Continue reading

Excavation Safety

OSHA regulations are often combined to become a work practice.  For instance, when a site requires excavation, the ditch may become a confined space.  In many cases air quality can be an issue on a hot day or heavy gases… Continue reading

Office Safety: My Office IS safe! How to do a safety audit in your office

When you hear (or read) the word “audit”, what comes to your mind?  This word normally evokes fear and the thought of an IRS agent showing up at your door.  In reality an audit is a systematic checkup to ensure… Continue reading

Time for a Site Safety Inspection? (Free Checklist)

Safety Topics would like to remind you that on a regular basis your site must be inspected for condition.  This inspection should be conducted with employees and management.  As time goes on the workplace can begin to change and create… Continue reading

Plan, Train and Maintain for Safety Success

Safety discussions often lead to conversations about which rules and regulations will drive us to a zero-injury workplace.  The issue is that many workers know the rules and regulations yet do not know how to apply them to achieve the… Continue reading

PPE Required: The Last Line of Defense (PPE: Safety Video)

Basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has changed over the years in an attempt to improve its effectiveness, comfort and aesthetics.   Hard hats, glasses, shoes and ear plugs have become the standard in many workplaces.  To wear or not wear the… Continue reading

Safety Respond Ability (SRA) / Also, Safety Video: The ART of Safety

In my seminars, I talk to workers, supervisors, and management about their responsibility for creating a workplace where nobody gets hurt. Sure, we all have various responsibilities or duties, obligations, or liabilities. When it comes to safety, the company has… Continue reading

Top Three Myths about Workplace Injuries and..

Top Three Myths about Workplace Injuries – And What YOU can do to Bust Them
How many times have you heard people saying something completely ridiculous or that you know just isn’t right?  You don’t have to go very far… Continue reading

Lab Safety: Environmental Monitoring

Lab safety is an important area of concern for many companies.  Terry Jo Gile, knows lab safety and we are pleased that she will be providing lab safety articles to improve your safety culture.

Certain areas of the laboratory may… Continue reading