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Safety Topics was developed to provide safety meeting topics for organizations that are targeting zero injuries in their workplace. Safety awareness is a key factor in preventing injuries and Safety Topics is here to help. If you are a supervisor, manager or safety specialist in your company, finding safety topics to present to your workforce can be a time consuming task, save time by using safety topics written by Carl Potter.

If you sign up by providing your email you will receive safety topics on a regular basis to use in your workplace. The writer of safety topics is Carl Potter and has been providing safety topics since 1992 for his readers. His safety topics come from the safety consulting he provides to his clients and is up to date.

Safety topics welcomes you to print, share, and forward any of the pages you find useful. Thank you for your interest and look forward to your feedback and ideas for future safety topics.


Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity. – Edwin Land

Some of you have already seen this picture or one like it.  People do stupid stuff and most of the time they are well meaning.  In fact, most people are… Continue reading

A Menu or a Warning

For most people the sign I took a picture of is a menu of choices.  For instance, some people might think that for $86.00 I can drive as much as 10 miles per hour over the speed limit if I… Continue reading

Safety: What’s in Your Personal Safety Culture?

What are the barriers to completing a job without injury?  This is a question I have asked audiences all over the United States and Canada.  The answer that pops up most is Attitude.  When more individuals believe that… Continue reading

Safety Stand Down for the a Hazardous Weekend is Coming Up

Memorial Day weekend is a time to stop and recognize those who have given their lives for the freedom we enjoy here in the United States of America.  But during this weekend many people will also remember family members who… Continue reading

Stop and ask, “Am I sure about doing this?”

As always I am looking at what causes injures in the workplace, so that I can share it with you.  Funny thing is, no matter how much research I do it mostly comes back to taking time to practice good… Continue reading

Safety Humor Pictures

I think we can all use a little humor from time to time to lighten our load.  In this series of pictures we can see why people get hurt, we just can’t figure out why they would do them.  Pass… Continue reading

Clarifying Safety

It is not enough for language to have clarity and content: it must also have a goal and an imperative.

- Rene Daumal

A lack of commitment to safety is not the issue.  Everyone wants to be safe and go… Continue reading

The April Safety Fool


Fools lack all sense even when they walk down the street;

A safety fool is someone who considers themselves safe, but continually is found taking short cuts and experiencing multiple injuries.  Working safely takes effort.  Industrial safety has continually… Continue reading

People Do the Silliest Things

Do you think the guy sitting on the refrigerator is thinking, Hey, I think I’ll sit here so I can get hurt!  It is my opinion that he doesn’t see the hazardous situation.  Can you imagine the police report?

Seriously… Continue reading

Getting Old At Work Isn’t for Sissies

I remember when I was in my early 20s and the older workers would say, “Bend your knees or you’re going to regret it when you’re my age.”  They were right.  By the time I was there age (35) my… Continue reading