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Developing a Slight Edge for Safety

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up. ~ Robert Tew

Have you ever read an injury or fatality report and wondered, “How could this have happened?” Maybe you read an incident… Continue reading

Does Your Organization Have Room for Improvement in Safety?

Find out by engaging with diversity, evolution, and innovation

I am forever learning and changing. W. Edwards Deming

Dr. Edwards Deming was the father of continuous process improvement and he would be proud of how safety has embraced many of… Continue reading

The Most Successful Technique for Leaders in the Prevention Injuries

We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action ~ Dr. Henry Link

In many of my articles I encourage those who have a formal office setting to get up, and get out of to walk job sites… Continue reading

Drug Watch: Are You Aware?

Are you aware of the consequences you may experience when using some across the counter drugs?  Driving long distances can be boring and some over the counter drugs don’t help the situation.  I know for me the drone of an… Continue reading

Personal Safety for Hurricane Rescue and Recovery

safety during rescue and recover of hurricane Florence Continue reading

A Funny Thing Happened…on the Way to the Ground!

My quest blogger this week is one of my Associates at the Safety Institute, Bruce Richardson.  Bruce focuses on helping his clients to improve the safety skills of powered industrial truck operators.  There are untold dollars lost in injuries, production,… Continue reading

See the Risk and Be Safe

It is my experience that when people see something that can hurt them they tend to avoid that something. I know you’re thinking, “The is very profound, Carl!” (yeah, right). Well anyway, when conducting a Hazard Recognition and Control (HRC)… Continue reading

They Don’t Care How Much You Know Until….

From Carl Potter,

I would like to introduce my friend and an Associate at the Safety Institute, Bruce Bolger. From this blog you will notice that Bruce is not only knowledgeable but experienced in creating workplaces where it is difficult… Continue reading

Less and Less Near-Misses

We target zero-injuries by using one of the long standing leading indicators for a safe workplace, near-miss reports. I’ve seen near-misses that report someone being hit in the hard hat by a falling tool – near-miss or direct hit? Another… Continue reading

What’s the Problem with OSHA?

In many of my presentations at PDCs (Professional Development Conference) or other workplace safety conferences many times federal OSHA inspectors are in attendance. If I know they are present, I break out my bumper sticker that reads “I Love OSHA”.… Continue reading