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Ladder to Heaven

My buddy Lee Burk walked into the church last week and observed a hazard on the stage.  We might call this one the ladder to heaven, or OMG, a Hazard.  If this where an industrial setting a rule would be broken, but at church we might call it a sin; the one that leads to a fall.

Hazards happen in many places and just because it doesn’t break a rule, it’s still a hazard because it can lead to an injury.

In my Hazard Recognition Workshop it is not uncommon to find people who believe it is okay to use a kitchen chair to change a light bulb at home, or set a step ladder on a scaffold in their home to reach the vaulted ceiling.  More serious injuries and fatalities happen in homes than in industry because of this type of unsafe behavior.  People can get very creative when trying to accomplish a task at home and at work, but at home we “don’t have to follow the rules.”  Consider this, maybe if what you are getting ready to do would break a safety rule at work, it is not a good idea to do it at home.

This week while making your safety contact at work, discuss the things we do at home, church, or on vacation that you could not get away with at work.  Remember the goal should be Nobody Gets Hurt wherever you are in the world.


Be Safe,

Carl Potter, CSP

PS: Consider attending an open Hazard Recognition Workshop or scheduling one at your location.  For more information email

One Response to Ladder to Heaven

  • Ndong Gerald says:

    A wonderful piece,
    I have learnt alot from these. Hazarsd in Church are temptations that leads fall of man called SIN. Spiritual Hazards are the worst.

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