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Keeping-Up the Spirit of the Safety Meeting, Inspections and Food

The New Year is almost on us and most everyone is making plans to kick-off 2013 with an all-hands safety meeting, inspections, and food.  This is my favorite time of year in safety because it seems that everyone is passionate about creating a workplace where nobody gets hurt.  Committees are given a budget to spend on safety trinkets, food and, a speaker for the event and the excitement is contagious.  On the other hand, I have visited with exhausted planners following events such as these and they tell me that participants ask, “Why did we have chicken?”  For the most part it seems that everyone wants to help make this day successful.  My question is, “What will you do to make it last?”
As plans are made for the coming year, think about how to maintain the focus of preventing injuries.  Don’t depend on a logo or motto that will be introduced at the big meeting.  Plan some on-going training events throughout the year for your top leadership (CEO,COO, Directors, etc.), middle-management, supervision and the workforce.  Involvement means more than talking, inspecting and eating together on one day of the year.
Keep the focus on safety by:
• adding to the expertise of your safety committee members.  Send them to special safety training classes
• scheduling in-house safety conferences for your supervisors and middle managers
• providing safety leadership training for frontline leaders
• scheduling Hazard Recognition and Control Training for you workforce
• using to provide information on your safety bulletin board

Remember that once the guest speaker is gone, the inspections have been made and the food is eaten it is important to maintain the spirit of the annual safety meeting.  This year don’t make the day after “business as usual.”  Let’s plan to promote the spirit so that we can create a workplace that is injury-free in the coming year – one where Nobody Gets Hurt.
Are you looking for a speaker for you annual meeting?  I’d like to help with my message:

Predictable Professional Performance in SafetyTM
When I became a Journeyman Electrician it was a very proud day for me.  During my four year apprenticeship I sat in a classroom, studied material, took tests and then would go out and put my new found knowledge and skills to work in the field where I learned that everyone has their own way of performing the job.  I also learned from men who shared their experiences of challenging weather conditions, tight work schedules, stressed bosses and co-workers.  As a Journeyman I found out that after four years of training, I was just beginning my real life education.
It was not until years later and becoming a safety consultant that I really appreciated the fact that being a Journeyman was more than just a pay grade, I had become a professional.  Looking back I realize that as a Journeyman the company had a reasonable expectation namely, Predictable, Professional Performance in SafetyTM.   Professionals that make up “Professions” such as lawyers, doctors, consultants and skilled workers have a responsibility to perform their duties in a predictable manner, that’s why we are professionals.

Every organization’s safety goal is to create a workplace where Nobody Gets Hurt.  To accomplish this goal the organization’s safety culture must become one where everyone is challenged and inspired to provide predictable professional performance in safety.     -Carl Potter, CSP
In this presentation he has inspired many workers to re-engage in their professional craft to increase professional performance in safety.  Industries where workers are exposed to hazards that can maim and kill are highly trained professionals.  Many of these workers forget that they are expected to perform their jobs at a professional level and Carl is here to remind them.  As a trained professional electrical worker for in the public utility industry for 17 years Carl understands the level of commitment to safety required by each and every worker.  Your workforce will connect with Carl when he presents Predictable Professional Performance in SafetyTM at your next big safety meeting.
In this fast paced 45 – Minute to 1 hour presentation participants will leave with more:
• Committed to preventing their own injuries and co-worker injuries
• Engaged in the activities of the organization’s safety effort
• Inspired to follow safety rules and procedures
• Responsible for their role in preventing injuries everyday
Your organization will begin to see an improvement in your safety culture as a result of hiring Carl Potter to present at your next safety meeting.  When more workers accept the challenge to behave like the professional they were trained to be, the results are predictable a workplace safety culture were Nobody Gets Hurt.
Call 800-259-6209 today to book Carl Potter’s presentation Predictable Professional Performance in SafetyTM for your next safety meeting or email for available dates.

Carl Potter is a Certified Safety Professional, Certified Management Consultant and Certified Speaking Professional whose goal is to prevent every workplace injury at your location, so that everyone can go home every day without injury.  With 17 years of working in the high risk electric utility industry plus 20 years of consulting to multiple high risk industries, Carl is able to connect with your workforce and challenge them to meet the expectation of Predictable Professional Performance in SafetyTM.

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