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It is a good time to look around…

We spend a lot of time talking safety.  Be careful out there, follow the rules, take time to do it safe, etc, etc, etc., but are we taking time to walk around and look for hazards?  This past year I heard from many people that they never see leadership in the workplace, and many leaders told me they wished they had more time to spend in the workplace.

Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind. ~ Emily P. Bissell

This week if you are an executive, get up and get out of your office.  Find a workplace in your organization where you have not been in a while.  Maybe you are a manager who says, “I wished I had time to get out and see what’s going on.”  If you are a supervisor who has trouble getting out of the office, do it this week.  Now if you are an employee (functional level) find a stopping point in one of your days to walk down your work area.

I also suggest that you team up with different levels of the organization.  If you can pair an executive with a functional level worker and a manager with a supervisor you may find some interesting outcomes.  I hope you will take the challenge to take the time.  Talk is easy and cheap.  Talk without action fails to create trust in the organization.

Mark your calendar this week and take action.  Let me know how it goes:

Be Safe!



P.S. Are you looking for a high-quality, concise educational resource for your monthly safety meetings?  Each month Carl Potter, produces a short video and a written tool that is suitable for sharing with your safety committee or work team. Hundreds of managers, supervisors, and safety leaders use this tool every month. Check out the 1st Thursday Educational Resource.

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