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Who is responsible for safety? Everyone is! OSHA says that the company is responsible for providing a workplace free of recognized hazards. This means that companies must provide a means for identifying hazards before they cause an injury or damage. In turn, the company also must provide employees with procedures and equipment to protect themselves, co-workers, the public, and equipment from injury or damage.

Training employees to control or prevent the hazard from causing injury or damage is the first step in companies taking responsibility for safety. But, as OSHA also points out, it is vital that employees follow or comply with rules, regulations, and orders. Imagine having everything you need to make a job safe but never implementing them.

This month’s safety questions are the foundation for the safety questions in future weeks. Take time with fellow employees during your weekly safety contact to discuss how the company identifies hazards, develops controls, and assures that everyone complies. Remember the goal is Nobody Gets Hurt.

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