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Indignant About Safety

When conducting my workshop or seminar it is evident when a participant is indignant about safety.  The participant is obviously not happy about being in the class, at work, or is just generally unhappy.  Usually the indignant ones say, Why do we have to be here?  We already know this stuff!  or they just sit there without opening the material and refuse to participate.

I like to remind participants that they might learn something from one of their co-workers, or even from me if they think about the class differently.  Safety training can be improved simply by taking responsibility for participating and hoping to gain some insight and increasing your personal wisdom.

Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.

                                                                                ~   David Starr Jordan

Most participants in my classes are very intelligent and have the skills and know how to work safe.  The real trick in human behavior is doing what we know how to do.  I wrote my book, “I Am Safe!” on the premise that there is a gap between knowing and doing.  One of the biggest challenges we face in safety today is reducing the number of errors.  Reducing errors is much more difficult when one’s attitude is “I Am Safe!”

Consider your own attitude about safety training, meetings, or the tailgate discussion:

  • Do you think it is a waste of time?
  • Think you don’t need to learn anymore?
  • Feel that the person providing the safety information is stupid?

These maybe some clues that you are indignant about safety and just maybe you need to change your personal attitude?

Reverse your thought process and think:

  • I’m glad the company gives us the time to conduct safety contacts
  • Everyone can always learn more… even me
  • I really appreciate the people who take time to prepare this information and risk looking stupid

You attitude towards safety is your choice.  If you are indignant about safety you may find yourself making more errors and increasing the risk of injury.  Get involved by participating in a positive way when it comes to improving your workplace’s safety culture so that nobody gets hurt.

Have a Safety Day,

Carl Potter


Carl Potter has educated thousands of people in the subject of hazard recognition and control, safety leadership, and personal accountability and responsibility for safety. If you are planning a safety meeting for 2015 and looking for a motivational keynote speaker who can challenge your personnel to engage in safety email him:

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