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I Quit! You can’t prevent injuries!

Since 1992, I have worked as an independent safety consultant, motivational safety speaker, seminar and workshop leader, author, and anything else I could do to help my clients prevent injuries in their workplaces, but I quit!  It is not possible to prevent injuries, and I give up! I’m throwing in the towel.  In many of my workshops, participants tell me they don’t think it is possible, and I am joining them in that belief!
If there are hazards in your job, then you are going to get hurt and you might as well quit also.  No matter how much you try to identify hazards, there is that one that will sneak-up on you and BAM! your injured.  Besides, nobody else at work cares!  Bosses don’t care about people, they just care about production and money, so it doesn’t help.  They tell you that everyone is responsible for safety and you say, not me!  Why should I be responsible when nobody else is!
Are you buying this?  I hope not… April Fools!
It is possible to prevent workplace injuries and all we have to do is work together to identify the hazards and mitigate the risk they expose us to.  Don’t be a fool and say it isn’t possible to prevent injuries.  If you put your mind to it and learn how to make your workplace safe for you and your co-workers, the results will be no injuries.
Are you a rank-and-file employee?  In other words, if you produce the product and do the work, then you are the most likely one to be injured.   You are the one that has to make sure that you follow the safety procedure, wear the PPE, make sure the lockout / tagout procedure is followed, etc.  If you don’t do it, then it is not going to happen, and you or a co-worker are the ones that are going to get hurt.
Are you a supervisor or team leader?  In other words, if you assign rank-and-file employees to complete a job, then you are accountable for them.  Put your “big boy or girl britches” on and take responsibility.  Lead your people to make the correct decisions and make sure they understand the risks that hazards expose them to so that they can act to mitigate risk.  Ask them what you can do to help them make decisions that will guarantee they go home uninjured.
Are you in middle management?  In other words, most of your work is in meetings, on the phone, or at your desk trying to balance the shirking budget.  Wake up and smell the coffee!  Stop clicking the keys and find your way out of your office to talk to the supervisors, leads, and rank-and-file to pass the word that you are interested in helping them go home to their families every day without injury.
Are you an Executive?  In other words, you’re the one that everyone picks on because you make the big bucks!  Well. guess what?  You must be the leader.  You must show that you care for employees and that production and profit are important, but not at the expense of flesh and blood.  Trust is built from your level down and it is your job to make sure that everyone has the same goal in safety.  The message must be clear from the top down because believe it or not, nobody in the rank-and-file wants to get hurt and they need to know that people at the top know it.
Safety is an emotional hot button and requires that trust be at the center of every safety topic.  Nobody wants to get hurt, and nobody wants anybody else to get hurt at work or home.  Injuries cause physical, mental, and financial damage.  Injuries are prevented through hazard identification, assessment of the risk they expose, and mitigation through control.  It takes leadership from top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top for it to work.  Consider your workplace and ask yourself if you are ready to quit, or get started.  If you need some help, email me at to discuss what we can do together because I haven’t quit!
Happy April Fools Day!
Carl Potter
Let us help your organization learn how to create a safe workplace through my Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop.  Request information today,



8 Responses to I Quit! You can’t prevent injuries!

  • Garry Hopkins says:

    I agree whole heartedly with the “I quit article”.
    I am president of the local on our mill site and have been for the past 23 1/2 years.
    I address “safety” constantly at union meetings, but is this enough? do I address it regularly enough? is there more I can do to help my members in this area? in the past, I would yes. now, i think there is more me and my executive board and our mill’s leadership can do!!
    mr. potter, thank you for being a champion for safety.
    i enjoy your newsletters and look forward to them.

  • Emily says:

    You had me scared! What, has carl sold out? Thanks for the wake up call on April Fool’s day. I will be using this one to remind all our employees who is responsible for safety. Thanks again.

  • Merv Wiltshire says:

    One of the most Effectice applications I have found to date, is moving all that “hind sight”, after the accident; to “foresight” before the accident and accidents can be avoided.

  • Randall oliver says:

    Carl, alway enjoy the blog/emails, i m sure you dont get told that very much, but i’m sure most of the followers/readers are with me on that . but i do use your stuff and keep up the good work.

  • admin says:

    Thanks Randall, I appreciate your support.


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