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Hazard Recognition Training

Hazard recognition is the cornerstone of any successful safety process.  In all industries where people and equipment are involved, the workplaces become dangerous primarily when employees do not practice hazard recognition.  In more than 35 years of industry experience Carl Potter found that employees are trained to control hazards, yet aren’t trained hazard recognition.  In an attempt to help you avoid all injuries and damage to vehicles, equipment and property, Carl designed a solution: Hazard Recognition and Controls Workshop.

For information about an on-site workshop email:

There is a reason that OSHA’s General Duty Clause states that employers will provide a workplace free of known hazards.  Hazards cause injury and damage to equipment and property. Injuries from hazards impact families every year and damage to equipment cost organizations thousands of dollars every year.  When would you like to get control of the hazards causing injury in your workplace?


Imagine a worksite where everyone takes responsibility for hazard recognition and control.  – Carl Potter

Begin the process of creating safety competency in your employees by scheduling a workshop at your location, or attending a workshop.

Email Carl Potter at: or call toll free: 800-259-6209

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