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Hazard Recognition Training

If employees just follow the safety rules, they can still be injured. Why?
Because workplace hazards exist for which no safety rule has been written to improve safety awareness. Simply following the rules is a form of complacency; it takes less effort than it does to critically assess the situation and determine the appropriate form of control. How can we overcome this issue?

Providing employees with hazard recognition training that improves safety awareness is the best way to bring common sense safety to your workplace and see immediate and sustainable results. Previous forms of hazard recognition training failed to create a mental connection about what a hazard is, causing people to walk past without recognizing it due to low safety awareness. That is why Carl Potter designed the Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop. In the business of industrial safety no other person understands how to create the mental connections between hazards, recognition, and control better than Certified Safety Professional, Carl Potter.

Carl’s hazard recognition training incorporates information about hazards that are specific to your industry and location, details about how the behavior and brain function interact to cause people not to see those hazards, and incorporates knowledge on how everyone is responsible for recognizing and controlling the hazards so nobody gets hurt. The results are greater safety awareness and fewer injuries.

Thousands of industrial employees in the United States and Canada have attended Carl Potter’s hazard recognition training and the feedback speaks for itself:

– I enjoyed your class, an eye opening event.
– Common sense practices…
– A lot of good material that pertains to the job.
– Very practical workshop with great discussions-not spectator sport.
– This is one of the best discussions on safety we have had.
– It’s very good the way he (Carl) presents it.
– Well delivered with a strong, personal based safety initiative.
– I would recommend this class for anyone looking to improve their safety culture.
– Good – fast paced lesson in common sense.

This safety training is delivered in a 6-hour workshop format that is highly interactive and fast paced and guarantees to improve safety awareness in you workplace. Believe it or not, after attending this hazard recognition training your employees will thank you for scheduling Carl to present to your company. If you want your employees to take responsibility and begin finding and fixing workplace hazards, so that injuries are prevented, this is the hazard recognition training you’re looking for.

To improve safety awareness at in your workplace, call 800-259-6209 or click here to complete an online request form today and get information about scheduling Carl Potter’s hazard recognition training for your employees. We look forward to serving you.


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  • osha nfpa 70e says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for such an amazing post. Its true that providing hazard recognition training is one of the most important thing. every industrialist must provide its employees this training for their welfare and safety.

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