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Failure to Recognize Hazards Leads to Death and $192,00.00 OSHA Fine

The ability of everyone in your organization to recognize hazards a and control them is vital to safety success.

– Carl Potter

This month we see a company who placed a 21 year old temp employee in a hazardous workplace and he was killed, and a family mourns there loss while I imagine the attorneys are circling like buzzards.  OSHA. Has levied $192,000.00 in fines and it is likely the legal trouble has just begun.

My Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop was designed to help with this issue.  I feel confident that had this young man and his co-workers been trained in hazard recognition, he might be alive today.  We are ready to provide this valuable workshop at your location which includes a walk-through.

We have scheduled several open enrollment opportunities for you to come and review, learn, understand and improve HRC skills.  More information is available by email at

to read the OSHA report about this tragic event go to:

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