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Extension Ladder Hazard Alert

If your organization uses fiberglass extention ladders this is an alert for you.  Pictures of the damage that nearly cause serious injury are posted along with suggestions for inspecting your fiberglass extension ladders.  It would be a good idea to suspend all use of fiberglass extension ladders until they are fully inspected and repairs are made or replacements are available.



















































2 Responses to Extension Ladder Hazard Alert

  • Fiberglass ladders are lite in weight and much durable as COMPARED to traditional ladders. because of lite weight it is CONVENIENT to move and make job easy.

  • Bernard fontaine says:

    This incident should be reported to the consumer product safety commission and the national institute for occupational safety and health. CPsc will put out an alert and the construction group at niosh will keep statistics of similar incidents. I am sure the manufacture is aware of the concern so they can notify their customers. further evaluation is needed to determine why these stress fractures occur. it may be a design defect or manufacturing error. regardless everyone should know about this issue.

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