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Excavation Safety

OSHA regulations are often combined to become a work practice.  For instance, when a site requires excavation, the ditch may become a confined space.  In many cases air quality can be an issue on a hot day or heavy gases that are flammable can find their way into the ditch.  Excavation and air quality regulations both are applicable.

When conducting excavations it is important to use all your knowledge for creating an injury-free worksite.  In addition, make sure that competent inspectors are used to ensure proper stabilizing systems are used to prevent cave-ins.  Conditions can change overnight and during work hours.  Worksites must be continually re-inspected when workers are exposed to hazards created.

If your workgroup performs excavation work, spend some time in your safety discussion considering the hazards  Identify your competent persons who will inspect and sign-off that excavations are safe for workers.  Remember that a well planned job is a safe job and you will hit the goal:  Nobody Gets Hurt.

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Video of Carl Potter speaking on the subject of his book titled: I Am Safe!


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