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Empty Every Night… or Else!

There is a reason the sticker says, “Empty Every Night.  When trash cans get full they provide a fuel for fire.  Interestingly enough I have taken many pictures of trash cans like this one where the lid can’t close.  Why does the lid need to close?

The risk of fire is a hazard that must be mitigated.  Fire is devastating to peoples lives because not only do people die but property is destroyed and jobs are lost.  This would be a good day for your organization to discuss the safety topic of housekeeping.  Primarily looking for trash bins that need to be dumped.

Before you leave work today do a walk through and pay close attention to the trash, can, bins, etc.  Leaving them loaded with fuel could mean that your job is not available be cause the building burned down.  Preventing a fire in your workplace is not hard to do, but “seeing” the hazards that can cause fires is hard if your not looking.

Be Safe,

Carl Potter


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