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Don’t Get All Tied Up

Recently a participant shared this photo with me following a hazard workshop.  Besides working in the petroleum refinery he is also a farmer where safety topics are rarely discussed.  During the harvest he tangled with the drive shaft of a piece of farm equipment.  You will notice in the photo that his two favorite shirts were ripped off of him during this event.

Luckily Joe was able to hold his body away from the shaft long enough for the fabric to tear away.  He explained to me that this is a picture he uses to remind himself that not seeing the hazard can ruin your life.  He knows how close this was to a tragedy.

Loose clothing being worn around unprotected rotating equipment can be deadly and should be one of the safety topics in every operations where rotating equipment presents a hazard.  Share this safety topic with your employees, co-workers, and friends to increase awareness of this type of hazard.

Be Safe!

Carl Potter, CSP



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