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Clarifying Safety

It is not enough for language to have clarity and content: it must also have a goal and an imperative.

– Rene Daumal

A lack of commitment to safety is not the issue.  Everyone wants to be safe and go home at the end of the day uninjured.  But if we lack clarity we will find that any success in preventing injuries is almost pure luck.  In safety the goal must be to not get hurt.  In my 22 years of consulting I have only met one person that wanted to get hurt at work.

This was a young man about 24 years old who during an interview to asses the organizations safety culture he stated, “If you get hurt just a little here, you get a check for $928.00 per month from the state for life.  That’s enough to make a trailer payment and buy shotgun shells.”

Yes, he was serious!

To reach the goal of not getting hurt it is imperative that we recognize and control the hazards that can cause injury.  Sometimes everyone from workers to executives take it for granted that creating a safe workplace will be handled by safety department personnel, leaving everyone else to walk right past a hazard and not take action.  The goal that must be communicated with clarity is that everyone is responsible for engaging in taking action to create a safe workplace.

Let’s take the time to make sure that everyone clearly understands their safety attitude is important to reaching their personal safety goal.

For a safety training tool that will help clarify consider purchasing a copy of my newest book Safety Attitudes: Improving your workplace’s safety culture begins with you for each of your employees so that everyone can understand what it takes to improve the safety culture so the nobody gets hurt.



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