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This is just a short safety blog to increase your awareness of the upcoming hazards this week.  Sometimes a celebration can get out of hand at the lake, home or on the road.  July 4th is a time to celebrate our nation’s independence and not a time to become dependent on crutches, canes or wheelchairs.

On the 4th , fireworks will be used and last week I blogged about the hazards and what could be done to prevent injuries.

The 4th for many is a time to let loose and enjoy a cool drink.  If the cool drink you choose has alcohol in it, be aware.  The laws for drinking and driving are stiff and courts are unforgiving because of the risk involved.  Drink responsibly and drive without the influence.  In addition, this week many will die by drowning.

4th of July to many is the anniversary of loved ones lost to a boating accident.  Another blog on this site was posted during safe boating week and it may be worth reviewing.  Make sure that everyone in your boat has a life jacket on and please practice safe driving techniques on the water to prevent the 4th from becoming one of your families’ dreaded anniversaries.  The water is not the only hazardous place, on the 4th our highways become risky places as well.

Be sure when you are driving to your destination this week that you are not distracted, stay alert!  The best way to prevent a wreck is to stay tuned in to what you are doing.  Make sure that everyone in the car is belted in and resist the temptation to text and drive.  You can make this one of the best or worse 4ths of your family’s history, it’s your choice.

Remember the key to preventing injuries is hazard recognition and control.  Recognize the hazard, assess the risk by asking, “What could happen,” then apply controls that reduce the risk and you will make this an enjoyable 4th for you and your family.  Happy 4th!

Carl Potter, CSP


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