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Can You Name all the Hazards in this Photo?

Safety Topics welcomes you to take a look at this safety picture and name all the hazards you observe.  Hazard recognition is the foundation for preventing workplace injuries always a great safety topic.  In his Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop, Carl Potter says that every situation has its own set of hazards.  Sharpen your eyes by attending hazard recognition training and practicing by using pictures like this one.  Watch for future hazard pictures here at Safety Topics.













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2 Responses to Can You Name all the Hazards in this Photo?

  • George Mues says:

    1) Appears to be standing in a doorway, possibly with an overhead door that may close and hit him in the back
    2) the door appears to have been left open during the rain allowing puddles of water to form creating a slipping hazard
    3) The concrete does not appear to be sloped properly allowing puddles to form — again a slipping hazard
    4) poor housekeeping has allowed loose rock on the floor inside the building — another slipping hazard
    5) can’t tell for sure with the blurry photo, but the worker does not appear to be wearing safety glasses in an industrial environment

  • Daryl Abell says:

    If the worker is going to use the ladder:
    1) The ladder is wet a slip hazard
    2) The ladder appears to be light weight therefore he would exceed the load limit
    3) The ladder looks worn and not in best condition
    4) The worker appears to have one hand occupied if using the ladder he cannot keep three points of contact

    5) Cable hanging at the door track can’t tell if electrical could get caught when operating the door
    6) Looks like a bird feather inside on floor which can bring in air borne bacteria a respiratory hazard

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