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Big Risk, Big Money?

My typical client is one where the risk of death is real if the participants in my workshops, seminars, and keynotes don’t take steps to mitigate the risk from the hazards in their workplaces.  Recently I was speaking to a group of electric utility cooperative lineman and following my seminar one of the participants brought me a piece of paper to sum up the lessons of the day:

We don’t make big money because we put ourselves at risk.  We make big money because we know how to mitigate the risk.

–       Darren Frazier, Choctaw Electric Cooperative, Hugo Oklahoma

High risk jobs require good judgment for the worker to go home uninjured at the end of the day.  Judgment in safety is the ability to observe workplace conditions, and use knowledge and experience to make decisions that create a zero incident workplace.  If a worker does not use good judgment, they may fail and find themselves in the hospital or worse.  For that reason, a greater amount of education, training, and accountability must integrated in the safety process.

For a worker the accountability should not be discipline handed down by management, but the injury that could occur as a result of poor judgment.  The thought that you have to live everyday knowing that poor judgment lead to the injury, maiming, or death of a coworker is powerful.  In high risk workplaces good judgment is required because the result of poor judgment can easily be serious injuries.

Typically a high risk environment such as electrical utility work, oil field, chemical plants just to name a few are complex.  The complexity of this type of environment takes time to learn and nobody just steps into it without first being educated.  Safety training must result in a change of attitude that soon becomes safe behavior and good judgment.

Be Safe!

Carl Potter, CSP


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