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Awesome Power of Electricity

In 1977 I went to work in the electrical utility industry not really understanding the risk that I faced each day.  At the time OSHA was saving a section of the regulation that today is known as CFR 1910.269.  Today I work with many utilities in the U.S., Canada, and in other parts of the world to help then both understand, respect, and never underestimate the power of high-voltage, and high-amperage electrical equipment used to power cities, towns, and production facilities.  I have teamed with several Associates at the Safety Institute ( to continue the work of preventing workplace injuries.

Even in the oil field, and manufacturing where electrical energy drives workplace production everyone should know what can happen.  The video in the following link is evidence of a faulting transformer that once the case erupts begins to spray transformer oil that ignites into a horrid  explosion and fire.

Take a look at the video and never underestimate the power of electricity:


Be Safe!

Carl Potter, CSP

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