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Another word about safety briefings…

Safety briefings are important for success in anything we do because it gives us a mental picture of what is going to be happening.  This is true for sports, outdoor activities, and work safety.  When I was working in the electric utility industry as a journeyman electrician/lineman we performed a safety briefing before every job, following breaks, and after lunch.  When the stakes are high such as possible serious injury or death, a quality safety briefing can ensure that nobody gets hurt.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. ~ Alexander Graham Bell

A quality safety briefing is one where everyone is engaged.  Be aware that in settings where more than 6 people are involved, or noise levels are high during the briefing people will become disengaged.  Participants might be looking away or messing with their cell phones.  It is the duty of the person conducting the safety briefing to get everyone’s attention.  Making a statement like:  “We are doing this safety briefing so that we can all go home uninjured to our families at the end of the job.”  This statement helps to draw attention to the possibility of failure and keep engagement high.  Getting to the point quickly and handling any questions is important.   Ask open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer work well to keep everyone engaged in the safety briefing.  An example is: “What PPE will we want to ensure that each of us continues to wear throughout this job?”  Remember, it is about keeping them engaged.

I am writing this blog on the Monday before our Thursday Thanksgiving celebration here in the United States.  Wednesday will be a day of distractions on the worksite, so be vigilant to make sure everyone has their head in the game.  Many workers will spend this Thanksgiving in the hospital because of workplace injuries so don’t let this happen to you, the people you work with, or the people that work for you.  Make sure that your safety briefings are engaging and taken seriously so that everyone can go home uninjured to enjoy the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Carl Potter, CSP


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