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A Menu or a Warning

For most people the sign I took a picture of is a menu of choices.  For instance, some people might think that for $86.00 I can drive as much as 10 miles per hour over the speed limit if I get caught.  The reason for the fine is to change behavior of unlawful drivers and make the road safe.

A guy I know has a sports car.  Recently he was returning home from Houston, TX and found himself on a straightaway with no traffic.  Since buying this car he has always wanted to see what it could do if he put it to the floor.  He did, and he said it was fast.  In fact it scared him.  I asked him about the fine if he had been caught and pulled over.  He said, “The fine would have been worth it.”  In my opinion, doing this on an open public road is irresponsible, but that’s just me.

Check the menu.  What would it cost to roll through a stop sign?  What if rolling through the stop sign caused you to T-bone a soccer mom driving a van full of kids?  Stop signs are used to make intersections safer for everyone.  Rolling through a stop sign can cost more than you think.

Many of my readers have a Commercial Driver License (CDL) which holds them to a higher level of responsibility.  Today if you go to school to earn a CDL , the cost is close to the same cost of a Private Pilot Certificate so you can fly a plane.  Violations by someone holding a CDL can lead to the loss of CDL privileges.  That can cost you a lot more than a fine by local law enforcement.  It could also mean the loss of a job.

A driver’s license is a privilege that can be revoked when enough violations have been received.  Breaking the law in your vehicle can also lead to jail time.  In some instances where someone is killed because a rule has been broken by the driver, manslaughter charges and years of prison can be the cost.

These fines were posted to make drivers aware of the out of pocket cost for breaking the law and not a menu of behavior to chose from.  The real cost of breaking the rules of the road can be higher than your think.  Next time you get behind the wheel of your can, consider doing what you said you would do when you signed for your driver’s license.

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