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Paperback Safety Books

Who is Responsible for Safety? by Carl Potter, CSP
Who is responsible for safe working conditions? Executives? Supervisors? Safety department staff? Or you?

Why is it important to know the answer to that question? After all, everybody, at every level, talks about working safely. For example, how often have you heard ?If only they would take responsibility for safety.? But just who is ?they?? This book answers that question and many more. It details the critical importance of YOU taking personal responsibility for workplace safety. It really doesn?t matter if you are the CEO or the college intern, Who Is Responsible for Safety? teaches the most important truths about your safety. (48 pages designed for everyone in the organization.)

This book is tailored to organizations that intend to create an environment of trust where everyone is responsible for safety. It may be used in safety meetings, safety seminars and workshops, or independent learning situations.



Safety On My Mind by Carl Potter, CSP

Have you ever wondered how to build an environment where everyone has safety on their mind, where safety is a natural part of the day-to-day thought process? Safety On My Mind describes the change many workers go through when given the responsibility of safety in their workplace. Once employees and management understand the process of developing a safety mindset, they begin to notice safety in a different way because they understand their personal accountability. Safety On My Mind challenges everyone to develop and maintain a safety mind, the mind of a safety professional. (48 pages designed for everyone in the organization)

Reader Comment of Safety On My Mind: “Carl’s idea of ‘the Safety Mind’ is fantastic. I shared it with my workers the first opportunity that I had. Sharing the idea of the Safety Mind with a work group not only makes for a great safety meeting, it can facilitate a safe day, month and year. It can really shift ones safety culture.”



Safety Is A Team Sport by Carl Potter, CSP

Would you like to be part of a winning safety team? Are you willing to participate as a player and learn your position? You are needed! Without your commitment to the team, there will be a gap in the roster. In this book, Carl Potter will describe to you what it takes to be a safety team player. Your particular behavior style and natural thinking approach places you in a position on the team to help others go home every day without injury. When you catch the concept of the safety team, you will win every day and you will go home to your family the same way you came to work. Safety Is A Team Sport… wanna play?



Listening For Safety’s Sake by Carl Potter, CSP




Working Safely In A Changing Environment by Carl Potter, CSP

Oh no, not again! That is the feeling when change begins. Not being able to recognize it and deal with it will drive a person up the wall. Change can take the focus off of your personal commitment to safety. Don’t let times of corporate chaos cause you to lose your sense of safety.

Once again, Carl Potter provides insight from years of experience so everyone can go home every day without injury.
This book will guide you to:
– Recognize the process of change
– Find ways to keep a positive mental attitude during times of uncertainty
– Gain the ability to focus on personal safety
– Boost your skills of inspiring others to keep safety on their minds
…so you can go home every day without injury even when the future is uncertain.



ZERO! Responsible Safety Management by Design by Carl Potter, CP and Deb Potter, Ph.D

Now, more than any other time in our history, executives, managers, and supervisors are being held morally and legally accountable for workplace injuries and fatalities.  Companies are making decisions to work with other companies that have a successful safety process in place.  To have a successful safety process they are looking for a safety philosophy that will get the desired results.  Zero! outlines theCriteria for Safety ExcellenceTM.  When used to assess and design your company’s safety management process zero-injuries become possible and every employee can go home to their families and loved ones every day without injury.

Suggested Use:
Purchase a copy for every executive, manager and supervisor.  Then every week at your staff meeting (face to face or conference call) discuss a chapter.
This book is required reading for those participating in the
 Leadership Development Process



I Am Safe! by Carl Potter, CSP

The gap between knowing and doing is much greater than the gap between knowing and not knowing. The battle for a safe workplace will only be won when every employee is actively engaged in closing the gap between knowing and doing.

The current American workforce is the most educated of any generation. Yet, annually over 5500 workers die as a result of workplace injury and over $45 billion is spent on hundreds of thousands of workplace injuries. Knowledge and education aren’t the problem. Today, the burning issue is that people do not apply what they know – a deadly scenario when it comes to workplace safety.
This book is written for employees and their leaders and provides hard-hitting information that can challenge current attitudes and stimulate action to create workplaces where nobody gets hurt.
Well-known author Carl Potter provides thought-provoking concepts that will activate employees to develop a personal safety strategy and infuse leaders with information they can put to work to close the knowing-doing gap so that everyone can go home every day without injury.



Safety Attitudes: Improving Your Workplace’s Safety Culture Begins with You by Carl Potter, CSP

What is a safety attitude?  More importantly, what is your personal safety attitude?

A positive safety attitude is key to improving a company’s safety culture, therefore the most important safety attitude is yours.  Companies across the globe spend thousands of dollars each year to try and improve the company safety culture.  It is seldom understood that each employee’s attitude toward safety is what makes up the safety culture.

You have the ability to help your company improve the safety culture where you work by improving your safety attitude.  The choice is yours.

After you have read this book and had a chance to consider the information, I hope you challenge yourself to continually improve your personal safety attitude, so that you and your co-workers can go home every day without injury.

Use as a Safety Training Tool

Safety Attitudes is designed to be read by the employees of any employer that wishing to improve its safety culture.

The book is a 52 page safety training tool with 7 chapters and designed as an easy read safety tool to challenge the safety attitude of each individual in the organization.

The following is taken from the introduction:

Many think of a safety culture as the Safety Management Process (SMP) or administrative piece of safety in the workplace.  The condition of your SMP is vital to sustainability, but there is something more powerful that even the best SMP cannot overcome, the poor safety attitudes of the individuals that make up the organization’s safety culture.

In more than 20 years of consulting to industry with the goal of preventing every workplace injury, I have found that an organization’s safety culture is the sum of its parts.  In other words, if you take each person that makes up the organization and could measure the commitment to injury prevention of each, you could quantify the culture.

Order a copy for every person in your organization and make it a part of your safety training curriculum for the coming 12 months.



Vol.1 52 Weeks of Safety by Carl Potter, CSP

If you supervise people this is a great way of making sure they learn about safety and how to apply OSHA to injury prevention.  After assigning a book to each person, hold discussions with you team.  These discussions will last about 7-10 min. average and this will add-up to more than 10 hours.  Document this training to not just increase your team’s knowledge, but make OSHA happy!  All this for less than .24 cents per week, per employee. – Thanks, Carl Potter, CSP

This workbook was designed to be used as a tool to teach employees about safety in an easy to read and understand format.  Each week provides discussions about:
– Employee Responsibility
– Ladder Safety
– Housekeeping
– Walking and Working Surfaces
– etc.



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  • Who is Responsible for Safety? by Carl Potter, CSP $10.95 ADD TO CART
  • Safety On My Mind by Carl Potter, CSP $10.95 ADD TO CART
  • Safety Is A Team Sport by Carl Potter $10.95 ADD TO CART
  • Listening For Safety’s Sake by Carl Potter, CSP $10.95 ADD TO CART
  • Working Safely In A Changing Environment by Carl Potter, CSP $10.95 ADD TO CART
  • ZERO! Responsible Safety Management by Design by Carl Potter, CSP and Deb Potter, Ph.D $12.95 ADD TO CART
  • I Am Safe! by Carl Potter, CSP $11.95 ADD TO CART
  • Vol.1 52 Weeks of Safety by Carl Potter, CSP $14.95 ADD TO CART


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